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Dervish ISBN: 1928589111 (Gival Press 2001)

Purchase the book "Dervish" from Barnes and Noble.

Read "Loaded" online at the Windy City Times Literary Supplement edited by Kathie Bergquist and Owen Keehnen.

Read "Song to Myself at Seventeen" online at Soft Skull Press from the poetry anthology, "Bend Don't Shatter: Poets on the Beginning of Desire," edited by T. Cole Rachel and Rita D. Costello.

Read "Manifest" online at Pif Magazine.

Read "A Time When Hunted Things are Safe" and "The Imp" at Gravity

Read "Seven Coordinates of Desire" online at Fondation Tanagra

Read and view a word and image collaborative work entitled "The Rosary Walk" with text by Gerard Wozek and images by Chicago-based artist Dawn Rescigno. These original drawings coupled with poetry were featured in Chicago at the High Risk Gallery from October through November 2004.

Read an archived interview for the Windy City Times newspaper.

Read an archived interview for Velvet Mafia.

Listen to Gerard Wozek read and discuss a selection from "Dervish" online at Windy City Radio in Chicago just by clicking on the "Archives" tab and scrolling to the April 21, 2002 program.

Short Fiction/Travel Tales

Postcards from Heartthrob Town ISBN: 1560236238 (Haworth Press and Southern Tier Editions, 2007).

Purchase the book "Postcards from Heartthrob Town" from Amazon.

Read an interview with Gerard Wozek and Bree Hoskin on traveling, writing "Postcards from Heartthrob Town" and the creative process, at the U.K. website, "GaydarNation" right here.

"Postcards from Heartthrob Town has won a 2008 Eric Hoffer Book Award: "Notable Distinction" in the category of "Memoir."

Sean Meriwether's online literary journal, "Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction" features an interview with Gerard Wozek and Chicago-based journalist Gregg Shapiro. The interview reveals inspirations behind the travel stories in "Postcards from Heartthrob Town," how poetry, music, and classic travel literature have influenced the collection, and details on upcoming writing projects. Read the interview here.

"Postcards from Heartthrob Town" has been nominated for a 2007 Lambda Literary Award in the category of Men's Fiction.

You can listen to a personally selected Apple iTunes I-Mix of travel songs that were chosen to accompany "Postcards from Heartthrob Town." (you need to have downloaded Apple iTunes for the link to redirect you there.) "Postcards" is now available for purchase through Barnes and Noble, TLA Video, Books-a-Million, and online bookstores elsewhere.

Read a feature article by journalist Ross Forman for the Windy City Times newspaper on inspirations for writing the book.

Sample an excerpt from the collection, "Postcards from Heartthrob Town" and download the .pdf file from Haworth Press right here!

Read the short story, "Francois at the Toilette" online at Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction, Edition 14.

Read the short story, "Time Capsule" online in the "Chicago Edition" of the Blithe House Quarterly.

Read the short story, "Tenderness Among Wolves" online at Blithe House Quarterly.

Spoken Word

Reunion and other Spoken Word Poems (Pulpbits, 2004)

The electronic book "Reunion and other Spoken Word Poems" was created and published by Pulpbits Press.

Listen to a brand new mp3 selection from the forthcoming, "work in progress" audio cd, "The Spirit Compass" featuring electroacoustic sound artist and composer D. Edward Davis with spoken word selections from the poetry videos, "A Bird in Hand: Thirteen Postcards from Paris," "Dance of the Electric Moccasins," and "The Rosary Walk." The audio CD is offered through the "Mercury in Motion" video poetry project. You can download a couple of tracks from the CD as well currently live on C/NET. Written text for the poem, "The Spirit Compass" along with other poetry video narratives, can be downloaded from this site.

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