A portion of the verse play "The Changeling in Exile"

"I have flown with sibyls and soothsayers,
pythoness' and sorcerers.
I have aided the bees and flowers
carried sunlight and moisture
to the dusky corners
of gardens. I wiped the grit
from the eyes of gnomes
and flew with the ravens and sylphs
I have lingered with the serpent,
curled around the caduceus.
I have been the wind spattering
through the winged sandals of Hermes.
I spun the path through the mazed labyrinth,
lit the hermit's lamp
and guarded his sleep in the darkest lair.
I am the changeling."

Gerard Wozek/Copyright 2003

This poem was performed as a theatrical narrative in the Lionheart Theatre production of the verse play "The Changeling's Exile." It was available for a time as a limited edition chapbook, for purchase, through Chad Pastotnik's "Deep Wood Press" online studio.


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